Storage Delivered to Your Doorstep.

Designed to be your simple moving & storage solution.

Storage Starts Here

How the Process Works:

We Bring It
You Pack It
You Store It or We Store It
We Move It

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Storage Starts Here

Wisconsin Storage Box is your simple storage solution.

Our Storage Delivered To You concept takes the hassle out of the storing and moving process.
Whether you are….

Clearing your home for an exciting new renovation, packing away your college apartment until the next semester begins, moving to the forever home you’ve been dreaming of, or having a hard time parting with belongings you no longer have space for, Wisconsin Storage Box is your solution.

To get started….

Simply schedule a date to have your storage box delivered. We will drop off a storage box for you to pack at your own pace. When ready, schedule a date for us to retrieve your storage box to have securely stored away in our indoor, climate-controlled facility or moved to it’s final destination. You may also opt to store on site if that best suits your storage needs.

Storage Starts Here

Why Choose Wisconsin Storage Box?


Use your time wisely. Life is busy and schedules get overwhelmed, we know how it goes. Don’t stress about when you’ll squeeze in a trip to your storage unit. Have peace of mind knowing your storage box is right at your fingertips allowing you to pack at your own pace.


Achieve maximum efficiency. Eliminate the back & forth and loading & unloading. Get the job done in one short trip to the storage box we conveniently deliver to your front door. Goodbye headaches, goodbye backaches, goodbye wasted efforts. Hello hassle-free storage made easy!


Save money while saving space. At Wisconsin Storage Box, we strive to provide affordable, easy on the wallet rates to our valued customers for both our storage and moving services. See how we can help you save, ask our dealers about our current promotions today!


Leave the logistics to us. No more moving trucks required! No more family & friend recruitments! Simply schedule a drop-off and pack up. Opt to store on-site or schedule a pick-up to have your belongings safely transported to our warehouse facility or destination of your choice.

Storage Starts Here